Malinówka - Raspberry Nalewka Recipe

(August 12, 2019)

Here's another nalewka you can make. This one is extremely simple and produces a very sweet, fruity liqueur.


Yep, that's it, just three ingredients.


Stage 1: Preparation (3 minutes)

  1. Fill jar with raspberries.
  2. Cover raspberries with alcohol.
  3. Shut jar and find spot to store.
Did I mention it's extremely simple to make?

Stage 2: Infusion (~2 weeks+)

Let sit for about two weeks, giving the jar a good shake once a day. With time, the liquid will become a deep, clear red.

Stage 3: Maceration (~1 week+)

  1. Pour through strainer. Store liquid in a bottle or another jar.
  2. Throw raspberries back into jar. Cover with sugar.
  3. Like really cover them. Give the jar a few good shakes and add more sugar.
  4. Let sit again for a few days, shaking once a day.
The sugar will start breaking down the fruit, and you'll end up with a jar-full of sweet, fruity syrup.

Stage 4: Aging (1 week - until the heat death of the universe)

  1. Pour contents of jar through strainer. Throw away whatever solids remain of the fruits.
  2. Combine this syrup with the previously set aside raspberry alcohol.
  3. Let sit for at least a few days or weeks. As with the krupnik, the mixture will become smoother with shelf time.
If you want to be really fancy, you can filter this to get a perfectly clear liquid, but personally I don't find that necessary.

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