Lock-down workouts

(May 8, 2020)

I bought a 14kg kettlebell for myself just as the coronavirus situation was escalating into lock down here in Poland. I wrote up a simple exercise plan to follow every week and have been following it for over a month now. Gotta stay in motion while the world has seemingly stopped!

I'm definitely not a fitness expert, and I'm sure this program is far from perfect. But it hits most of the major muscle groups, is an energizing way to start each day, and definitely gets me sweaty, so I'll use that as a metric of it being sufficient for now.

Workout A: Upper

I do the push-ups on a slight decline from a stool.

Workout B: Lower and Core

I superset the planks and swings.

I also throw in chin-ups or pull-ups throughout the day on both workouts.

I alternate these workouts for five days a week, with two rest days a week.


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